Are you looking for a system that will help you "after" you've made the 1st, 2nd and 3rd contact?

Have you grown tired of selling and selling and selling and want to do a better job of staying in touch with your leads and prospects so they remember you when they're ready to buy the product or service you sell?

Hello, my name is Danny Smith and I've experienced exactly what you're experiencing. I got tired of feeling like I just needed to keep on selling and that would bring the business.

Yet, what about all the people I was meeting, weren't they going to need what I was selling in the future?
That question led me to some powerful answers and practices such as...

- there's a time to sell and a time to market

- the "right" kind of social media is a powerful way to stay engaged with a lead or prospect

- how to make my CRM really go to work for me

- the people I meet today and tomorrow can be my clients next month, next year....I just needed to KNOW how to stay engaged.

Much of what I've learned has been put together in the Stop-Wasting-Handshakes 3.0 Boot Camp.
And, This is the LAST time this will be offered in 2015.

I met Danny L. Smith about a year ago in a course he was teaching on Guerrilla Marketing. From there I have participated in his Mastermind Groups, Weekly Lunch and Learn Sessions, Teleconference Calls and much more. Danny is a dedicated professional interested in making a difference in the life of people around him. And then, I joined his Stop Wasting Handshakes program. The processes and teachings he's given through all the mentorship calls have been the difference maker. I have learned a lot from Danny in this last year but mostly he has helped me regain my personal passion for growth and seeking a higher potential out of my life. - Eric Recktenwald, Realtor (22 years)

I've gone from 3-5 loans per month to 8-12 loans per month using Danny's Stop-Wasting-Handshakes methods. Some people believe I'm really good at meeting new people, and I am. But that never made that much difference UNTIL I started applying Danny's principles and engaging in his weekly calls. - Austen Smith, Mortgage Loan Officer 

100% Money-Back Guarantee
no questions asked...if you don't like for any reason,
if you don't get HUGE value (I can't imagine),
simply email me and I'll refund your money

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12 Weeks starting Sep 21, 2015

Let Danny show you how to live your life with purpose and focus. It can be personal growth, marketing or about empowerment. "Stop Wasting Handshakes" will absolutely change the way you network and keep in touch. The best way to take your personal success to the next level!  - Patrick Dixson, Realtor

Danny is incredible. Period. He has helped coach and develop me for quite some time and take it from me, they just don't come any better than Danny. His integrity, knowledge, patience, perseverance and candor are truly second to none. - Mark Herbert, Loan Officer

Danny has outstanding presentation and public speaking skills that motivate and instill intrinsic values in our daily personal and professional lives. His in-depth training seminars increase your value as an individual but also creates a platform to fully reach your business potential. - King Bravo, Realtor

Danny has a passion to help people improve their lives. He is a great trainer and enjoys mentoring. - Donny Hunter, Business Consultant 

If your business is dependent upon you meeting people and you struggle with your long-term follow-through....and you want better results, this program will give you the processes, strategies and tactics to start changing. And, if you'll engage in the weekly mentorship lessons, you'll see those changes happen during these 12 weeks.

There's an interesting part of the 80/20 rule that most sales people just can't past; 80% of sales happen AFTER the 8th touch and yet, only 20% of sales people follow-up (or through) more than 2 times.

This program gives you what you need to follow-THROUGH not just 8 times, but ON-GOING. And without spamming, without invading, but ENGAGING. This program will teach you a new PERCEPTION. 

Don't be one of the 80% that only follow-up TWICE. Be one of 20% that follows-through 8 times. Better yet, learn how to just plain stay engaged with people so that when they are ready to buy, they remember you and you have a chance to sell to them.

This program will change the way you look at marketing and selling and until the way you change the way you look at marketing and selling your marketing and selling will not change.

I love to help you.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
no questions asked...if you don't like for any reason,
if you don't get HUGE value (I can't imagine),

simply email me and I'll refund your money.